like the name of the blog, you can talk, feel free to talk, no one is going to arrest anyone here 😉.

I have always loved writing, did a lot while in secondary school, I was always busy writing a story( i can’t find any now) back then I’d give my friends to read and I always got good feedback from them, tho some were not really good too, when I got into uni I just stopped, I really don’t know why but I’m back now and I’m not going to stop this time.

so this is my first post and I can tell you I’m scared, I would really love feedback and comments and would love it if you could subscribe. how did this idea come up, it really just came out of the blue, it’s not something I had planned for a long while but it still took some time for me to actualize it. I was pretty scared of putting it out, I still am, I feel like many people are into blogging so whose going to read mine, I don’t have many friends so who is going to help me publicize it, what if I get bad comments, what if no one actually comments 😱 but I summoned the courage and decided to finally take a step and this is it.

what should you expect from this blog, generally personal thoughts, experiences, small ofofo 😉 or maybe lots of ofofo, short stories, I have so many ideas in my head here and would really love it if you will stick with me through it all and see it manifest

Thank you for reading, thank you for clicking the link that got you here.

please drop a comment, if you have any ideas for me I’m willing to listen, this is just a welcome post.

p.s please be nice