Why exactly did he call Banke, well he was feeling lonely and maybe a tad jealous. Chuks and Toke went on a date yesterday. But what exactly was wrong with him, he just met this girl after so many years. He hasn’t talked to her after that day but he was feeling this way, maybe he should call her up and go out with her.

“`Akin what’s wrong with you, you have a lady in your bed right now and you’re thinking of calling another person. You can’t even call her, you know your friend likes her, you can’t make a move. Forget her and focus on work““, he was already running late and he had to drop Banke off. He had a rule not to leave any lady alone in his home.


‘Chuks let’s go for lunch, I’m surprised you didn’t come to call me, what’s wrong’

‘I was so busy with work, I didn’t know it was time for lunch already. I’m still busy, I’ll pass on lunch, you go ahead, you can get something on your way’

‘Oh alright, no problem’

‘Akin please go to that new place, you know their food is so good’

‘I was just planning to go that place across the street, I don’t want to drive’

‘I don’t like that place abeg, go to that new place’

‘Maybe you should send someone, I also have lots pending work pending’

‘Your shakara is too much, just to help a brother in need’

‘Brother in need indeed, I’ll go to the new place’


‘This place is tush ohh, and their food is really good and affordable, I’ll write a review about it’

‘Are you satisfied now that you’ve seen the place’

‘What? Are you not supposed to thank me, I brought you here out of the kindness of my heart. I didn’t want you jumping buses’

‘Aunty let’s hear word, be fast let’s go home we need to move fast to avoid traffic’

‘We are not going home straight, I need to see Aisha first, I want to drop something for her’

‘I just knew you had an ulterior motive for dropping me here’

‘All in all, I helped you, it won’t hurt to say Thank you’

‘You’re not getting any thank you, just stand up, abi you want to order something else ni’

‘Babe see that hot guy, just turn small, he’s about to sit down’

‘Inioluwa, it’s man you’re looking at, and you have a boyfriend’

‘You’ll tell me when having a boyfriend equals to me being blind. Are you going to check him out or not, wait sef, he’s looking at our direction, abi he likes me’

Toke turned, surprise surprise it was Akin

‘Toks why are you smiling to him, you know him’

‘That’s Akin, and he’s coming over’

‘Babe you’re lucky, two hot, loaded guys on top your matter, make it three, plus Dayo. Abeg come and give me your soap’

‘Will you shut up, he is near’

He was trying not to think about her, but here she was in flesh, this was not helping, and she looked so beautiful. He was in a big trouble, he should have just left immediately he saw her, before she noticed him

‘Little Toke, nice meeting you here’

‘When will you stop calling me that, I’m not little anymore’

‘You’ll always be little to me, can I join you here, Chuks was busy with work, so I’m alone’

‘Of course you can join us, I’m Ini, Toke’s best friend’

What was going on? They were just about leaving, what was Ini up to

‘I’m Akin, an old friend of Toke’

‘Oh, she told me all about you’

This girl is mad, what did she tell her about Akin

“`So, she was telling her friend about him, that was good news. Maybe she fancied him, or maybe she just mentioned you in passing. Akin don’t fill your head with ideas. This babe sees you as her brother, get it into your head“`

‘So, what are you girls going to have’

‘We just finished eating, and we were just about to leave when you came by’

God please let this girl stand up, she wasn’t even looking at her, it was clear this was intentional. Ah Inioluwa, I’ll get you when we get home.

‘I have to use the restroom’

Ini excused herself, she knew Toks wanted to leave, but she saw interest in Akin’s eye. It was clear he was smitten with her friend and the stupid girl didn’t even know. This girl is so lucky, she had three guys who likes her, three well made guys not idiots like her stupid boyfriend Stephen. 

‘So Toke how is business going’

‘Well, I actually came to drop of some supplies’

‘Business woman, but I thought you were planning on studying Medicine, how did you end up being a baker’

‘You remembered, I actually put in for medicine but you know Nigerian universities especially Unilorin, you need to know someone, I was given Biochemistry and I went for it’

‘That’s most Nigerian youths story, you apply for something, meet all the requirements and they still give you something else, but how exactly did you end up baking’

‘No job Akin, we’re not all lucky, I applied for jobs severally, it’s still the same story, you need to know someone again. I got tired and started baking, I went to a baking school spent three months and started my own business, enough about me, let’s hear about you, Mr hotshot’

Is this girl sleeping in the restroom, they still had to go to Aisha’s place 

‘I’m not Mr hotshot and there’s not much to tell, I work at an advertising firm, started straight out of Uni, let’s just say I was lucky, I started from the bottom and now I can say I’m close to the top’

‘Close to the top or at the top, I’m not blind I can see you’re a big man, so any wife or ex wife’

‘If I didn’t know you well, I would say you are trying to check if the post is vacant so you can apply’

‘You might be right, who wouldn’t want to be married to a rich man’

“`Was she flirting with him, she likes you, Akin are you alright, you had another girl in your bed this morning. Banke is just a friend, maybe you could try something with Toke but what about Chuks, you can’t do that to your guy, it’s like he likes her“`

‘No wife or ex-wife in the picture, no girlfriend in the picture either, but we can’t say about you, maybe you have a rich boyfriend you’re hiding’

Adetoke you’re flirting with Akin, she couldn’t help, this was her childhood crush

‘No boyfriend ohh, all these Nigerian boys are not looking for wife material, especially the yoruba demons, they just want to eat and clean mouth’

‘There are still some of us that are still good, maybe you’ve been moving with the wrong set of guys’

‘I know your type, you’re not one of the wrong types, how come you’re not married, I’m sure your mum is already pressuring you, first child and all’

‘The pressure was much at a time but when Fola got married it shifted, then her baby took all of mum’s attention, but now she’s back on my case again’

‘Heya mummy’s boy, I really need to see Fola, I’ve missed that girl, I really can’t picture her with a husband, not to talk of a baby, wow’

‘She’s actually coming to Lagos next week with her husband, they have an event they are coming for and you can come over or before then to know my place’

He was asking her to his place, should she go, what about Chuks, was this right 

‘I can hear your thoughts from here, why don’t we make it a mini hangout, you can bring Ini over and I’ll invite Chuks’

‘I’m okay with that’

‘Is this Saturday okay with you’

‘Yeah sure, Saturday it is, I need to leave now and check up on Ini she’s taking too long’

‘Alright, my lunch break is over anyways, I’ll text you my address, see you on Saturday’


‘I just knew you were up to something, so you’ve been sitting in the car since’

‘You guys needed privacy, that guy likes you babe’

‘Miss know it all, you spent how many minutes with him and you already know this how?’

‘I just know, you really have a tough decision to make’

‘What decision’

‘You have to choose between Dayo, Chuks or Akin, three fine guys, abeg choose Akin you guys look so good together, your babies will be so fine’

‘Hope no problem, let’s go abeg’

The truth, she liked Akin, even though they just reconnected, she liked him, Chuks was a nice guy but she didn’t feel this way with with him, and Dayo on the other hand is just a friend, she was sure Ini was just saying nonsense, the guy didn’t like her at all.


‘I thought you were planning on sleeping in the restaurant, hunger almost finished me’

‘Well I asked you to come with me but you stayed, I ran into Toke and we got talking’

‘My Toke’

‘When did she turn to ‘your Toke’’

‘Wait, what did you guys talk about’

‘We were just catching up on old times and I invited her over to my place’

‘You wouldn’t try that, you know I like this babe and according to you, you don’t like her’

‘Calm down Mr man, you’re also going to be there, it’s even going to pay you at the end, you’ll be able to see her again, her friend is also coming over, so I won’t be alone when you guys start talking’

‘You should have said that first, when is she coming over’



‘It’s like I’m going to move back in with you guys, see premium gist’

‘Shebi you left us to join the big girls gang, Aisha the big girl’

‘This place is dry walahi, everybody just dey mind their business, it’s so lonely, please stay over’

‘Me I have cakes to bake’

‘I’ll buy everything you need, just stay with me’

‘Is this babe okay, I already have all my supplies at home’

‘You’ll use it for another cake, just stay and give me all the gist about your new suitors’

‘What’s with you guys and suitors’

‘Don’t mind her, she has plenty of them, she’s even going to Akin’s house on Saturday’

‘Aunty why are you saying it like I’m going alone, we are both going’

‘This is so not fair, how come I’m not invited, I’m moving back in with you guys, I’m missing out on a lot of things’

‘No, we don’t want you back, three is a crowd abi Toks’

‘You guys should not drag me into anything, it’s late already, let’s go home’

‘So you guys are not staying over’

‘Nope, we are going to our house, enjoy your lekki palace’

‘Guys now, this is not fair, but okay, expect me in your place on Saturday, I’m going to be spending the weekend with you’

All because of gist “`she loved her friends, even though she had a small circle of them, she was so grateful for having them in her life“` Toke thought to herself


‘Kilode! see house, is he the owner or he’s renting the place. Either way, babe your guy get money ohh, in this lagos, person son get this house’

‘Ini the house is not that big now’

‘Abegi this place is big for a bachelor in lagos’

The place was not extra big, it was actually okay, she liked the place from the view here, okay maybe it’s too big for a bachelor but he might have gotten it for later and they haven’t even entered before they’d start passing judgements, maybe he didn’t stay alone. But Akin is really loaded tho


‘Toks, Ini welcome, this way Akin is in the kitchen’

Why did she feel disappointed, she was expecting Akin to open the door, but it was Chuks.

‘Can you show me the way to the kitchen, I cooked and brought it over’

‘Just go straight, the first door by your left’

She looked so beautiful, but he couldn’t help it, when he opened the door for her, he felt some kind of bad vibes from her, like he wasn’t who she was expecting, and immediately she entered and asked for the kitchen. Was she even interested in him? Maybe he was just imagining things, maybe it was all in his head.


‘Chuks are they around’

A man that knows his way in the kitchen, well she knew Mrs Adekoya was a no nonsense woman, of course Akin would know how to cook.

‘It’s not Chuks, it’s me’

‘Toks, you’re here, you should be in the sitting room’

‘Well, we didn’t want to come empty handed, and I didn’t want to bring wine, ’cause I guessed you had lots at home, so I made pepper soup, I remembered while we we little you often stole I and Fola’s share’

‘You still remember that, your mum made the best pepper soup, I’m sure you learnt from her well, I always wanted more then, Thanks for bringing this’

‘No worries, so what can I help you with’

‘You’re a guest here, you should be seated, not here’

‘Well I can’t sit when I know you’re slaving for us here’

‘One, I’m not slaving here, I’m making lunch for my guests, which you are, I can’t allow my guest work herself’

‘Don’t insist Akin, I’m not going anywhere, so just show me what I can do to help’

‘What about Ini’

‘Well, she’s with Chuks, I’m sure they’ll entertain themselves’


““What was going on in the kitchen, they had been there for over 15 minutes and no show from both of them, he didn’t like what was going on, Toke was his babe. Okay Ini had been good company so far, If he didn’t have his eyes already set on Toke maybe he would have gone for her. But it was Toke he wanted, so why was Akin doing this, they had been laughing together since, what exactly were they talking about, if they didn’t come out in the next five minutes, he was going to the kitchen“`


“`This guy didn’t know he had lost sha, Toke liked Akin not him, he should just give up, shey he couldn’t see it ni. It was very clear, Toke never laughed with anyone like that if she didn’t like him. Poor guy, she pitied him, she could see he didn’t like what was going on“` Ini thought to herself as she noticed the unrest on Chuks face


‘Food never ready since’

‘Chuks in the kitchen? What happen, I know how much the kitchen is your no go area’

‘Well, I wanted to check what party you guys were having here, your noise was disturbing us’

‘Don’t mind Akin ohh, he was the one that started the whole drama, we were reminiscing on old days, had to bring them all up’

‘Well Akin spill, I’ll like to know them’

‘Sorry guy, Toke already asked me to keep them a secret, my lips are sealed’

Chuks it’s time to retreat, she does not have space for you, you can see the way they looked at eachother, but you saw her first. He knew her first, nope you found her first made the first approach. Maybe he should give Banke a call, But that’ll be fighting dirty.


‘The food is so delicious, Akin thank you for feeding me, someone has been starving me for a while now’

‘Inioluwa, you’re lying, we both know no one is starving you, plus you can’t even go without food’

‘You actually don’t look like someone who eats’ Chuks added

‘Some of us are just like that, we never add weight’

‘I always tell her she is very lucky, if I eat anything extra like this, wahala don happen’

‘I was actually very surprised the day I saw you and you were all slim, ’cause I remember when you were younger, we had a name for you then’

‘Don’t start Akin, I’m not that same young girl’

‘That’s so true, you are no longer the chubby Toke, you are now a very beautiful young lady’

So, this was awkward, this Chuks guy was suffering sha, Akin and Toke only had eyes for each other. Guy you need to move on.


It was time to go home and Toke didn’t want to leave, she had so much fun talking to Akin, catching up on old times. Relieving memories and even cooking together. 

‘It’s bye then, you people will leave me to myself’

‘We’ll come another day, when exactly is Fola flying in’

‘Well….Thursday, you can come by then, I won’t tell her anything, so she’ll be surprised, Mum is actually coming too.’

‘Ohh you didn’t tell me that before’

‘Well, we all didn’t think she’ll be able to make it, her health is a little bit unsteady so we told her to rest but you know these Yoruba mothers and parties. Fola’s husband sister is getting married so the whole clan wants to come and support Fola’

‘So it’s a full house then, I can’t wait to see everyone, I’ll come on Friday after everyone has arrived’

‘Thursday will  be better, Friday everyone will be busy with the engagement wahala, why don’t you just come with me to the wedding, at least mum won’t try matchmaking me with all the single ladies there.’

‘No ohh, wedding that I didn’t plan for, I have nothing to wear, I don’t even know the colour they picked for the wedding and I’m sure you all have aso-ebi you want to wear, me I’ll now be looking like the odd one, NO thanks’

‘What if I can get you the aso-ebi for the wedding, will you please come with me’

‘What of the tailor that’ll sew it, rush hour job, nope Akin’

‘Okay what if I can get you someone that’ll get your dress ready before then’

‘Tailor that I don’t know, my answer is still No’

‘Haba I’m trying, I promise you she’ll make the perfect dress for you, I can guarantee that, we’ll need to meet up on Monday to go to her, if you do this for me, I owe you one, Mum isn’t going to let me rest If I go alone, please Toke’

‘Okay Motigbo, but you’ll come and pick me on Monday ni o, I can’t be stressing myself because of a favor’

‘Anything you want princess Toke’

‘I’m sure Ini is already tired, let me go and join her’

‘Thanks for today, for the food and helping me clean up, you’re a lifesaver’


‘Babe seriously you need to talk to Chuks and tell him you’re not interested, it’s so clear you like Akin.’

‘Who told you that’

‘Babe you and Akin were alone even though we were four there, you guys didn’t even notice us, even when the topic steered away from both of you, it still ended in him saying you are beautiful’

‘Akin didn’t mean anything with that’

‘If you want to fool yourself then go ahead with it, but I’m sure deep down you know the truth, so as a friend I’m telling you to tell Chuks that there is no hope for the two of you, or you want to date him’


‘Then talk to him and clear the air, don’t keep him hanging It’s not fair’

‘Okay mummy, I’ll do that soon’

‘Good that’s settled, now tell me what were you guys talking about while you were in the kitchen’

‘Nothing really his Mum and siblings are going to be around for a wedding, so he invited me for the wedding’

‘You’re already meeting the family, so fast we will soon start preparing for your wedding soon niyen’

‘What wedding, babe I know his family already, we’ve just not met for some time’

‘Ko mean, you’re meeting them again and he actually invited you to the wedding, wetin you go wear’

‘Well he already promised to get me the aso-ebi and we are meeting on Monday sef, he’ll take me to a tailor, because I insisted it was already rush hour time’

‘Mad ohh, you’re already this guys babe, you just don’t know it yet, me I’m sha happy, my babe is taken, awa Chief bridesmaid’

‘You can dream sha, abeg drive fast, I need to bake this night’


“`Maybe it was time he involved Banke in all this, Akin was already stealing his babe“`