Alright I’m here again, and as we all know, it’s a few days to Valentine’s day. Whew! Valentine packages here and there, people giving us couple goals and lots more. For some reason, I don’t know why the drama about Valentine’s day this year is so much….Like the drama started all the way from the early weeks of January and till now, the hype is still so much. 

Personally, I feel like this Valentine drama is too much, moreso there’s a lot of tension, which in a way is putting many people under pressure; pressure to get the perfect gift, to get exactly what our partners need, what they want. We all want to make a good impression and of course, make them happy. But then again, MONEY! Money is another issue. We don’t want to go over our budget, yet we all want to get the right gift at the right price.

One more thing I’ve noticed is that these vendors are not helping matters. I have been seeing some packages online and mehn! they are so expensive. I saw one of over 800k on Twitter few days ago and the first thing that popped in my mind was “who will buy this”. Wahala for who no get rich partner. But actually….you can still get that right gift at a good price without breaking the bank. Also, don’t give into pressure.

Singles are not left out too, many have been shouting “God when”, they want someone who’ll give them gifts, someone to love, someone to celebrate with and more. Well, the good news is, the right time is coming *wink*.

Before I sign off on this topic, if you actually think about it, not many people know the story behind Valentine’s day. Well, back secondary school, according to my chaplain, she said there was a priest called Saint Valentine whom was imprisoned and waiting to be executed, he befriended his jailer’s blind daughter and eventually, her sight was restored. He then wrote a letter and signed “Your Valentine” before his execution. That’s the tale I heard. However, I know we’ve all heard of different takes too.

You can share some in the comment section.


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