Is it too late for me to greet you all Happy new month? Well, I don’t think so — so Happy new month friends. Hope you’re all good. Thanks for the response on my previous post.

It’s my favorite time of the year, time to enjoy, it’s time for detty December.  The holiday season is marked by several things; family, food, gifts, love and lots more.

I think giving gifts is very important, well….it’s very important in my house. It’s like a tradition to get everyone gift(s) in my house. We place our gifts under the Christmas tree and we all open it on the 26th of December. I have noticed sometimes it gets difficult to find that perfect gift for someone, you want the gift to be able to portray your love, thoughtfulness and more, you want to get exactly what he/she desires.

Truthfully, this year has been a lot, I know money might be tight for some people. Maybe the gift you’re looking for wouldn’t cost you so much. It may not even cost you anything at all. Do you know you can be the gift? I’m sure you’re thinking of how possible that is….well, by giving that loved one your undivided attention. It’s time to spend time with the people you love.

Take time off work, spend less time on your phone, have conversations, hug that special person, offer to help, give to the needy. You know that clothe you haven’t worn in the past 6 months, it’s time to give it out. It’s clear you don’t need it. That shoe that you’ve not worn for a while, let it go. Go out, take a walk, listen, pay close attention. It’s the season.

Let me wish you all Merry Christmas in advance


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