So it’s been a week since my last post and I am here to talk about the same topic SARS. I believe it’s time for we all to stop whatever it is we are doing and unite as one to stop all this.

On a personal note, I haven’t had any experience with SARS. But I have friends who have had sordid experiences with these people. I have heard of stories of how they were treated. Harrassed even extorted by people who are meant to protect us.

Now we all are standing for one cause and I have to say I am proud of my generation. Even though the government is trying to deaf ears to all our demands. They released a cock and bull statement thinking maybe they are talking to the older generation who takes and adapts to anything they say. But no this generation is not for that. We are not taking shits, we don’t want fake statements. Enough is enough, we are standing for one thing and that is #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY #ENDSARS #SARSMUSTEND

If you have any experience with this criminals kindly share with us we all need to know 


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