If you’ve been listening or following what’s going on social media for some days now. You’ll see that #End SARS is trending.

I had to check the full meaning of SARS and it was Special Anti-Robbery Squad, but now I feel they should change their name to SRS Special Robbery Squad, or we could add killing to the name. . But, the tables have turned now. They’ve taken the law into their hands. They harass everyone these days. According to Wikipedia it was established in 1992. That’s 28 years ago, that’s a long while.

There’s this fear in every youth nowadays, you want to go out you stand in front of the mirror and check if I want to go out will I be harassed by SARS. You dress down and they still disturb you, you dress well and they still harass you. Use a good phone and they still disturb you, you have a car that’s a problem. You have little money oh another problem.

They are known for killing young and innocent youths. They kill them and still take their properties. You see them on the roadsides with their guns cocked ready to shoot.

Nigeria celebrated 60 years of independence a few days back, and instead of celebrations, people were very bitter. No major improvement, nothing to show off, some people were actually tweeting calling the country a fool. A bag of rice is now 32000 naira, petrol is now 160 naira, how do you expect us to afford all these now. Not to forget ASUU is still on strike. I really was skeptical about it all, I am proud to be Nigerian no doubt, but this is not the Nigeria I want my kids to be born into. This is not the Nigeria I want to live in. Nigeria we hail thee

The funny thing about it all is that our leaders are not doing anything about it, they are not even ready to take any action, they see the tweets and just pass on. We seem to be more concerned about the health of the president of the United States of America. Instead of the life of our citizens. There is this common saying children are the leaders of tomorrow. How will this happen if they are no more children left? The goal of every youth is to escape this country.

It’s really so sad for Nigeria, the people meant to protect us are the people killing us. To make things worse they released a statement banning somethings. Really are we fools, this is not the first time something like this happens, we want that no more. We want them to scrape the whole Squad. That’s what Nigerians want, end the whole thing. We don’t want a reformation.

We have resolved to tell ourselves, where they are, they’re checkpoints, where not to go. If our leaders can’t protect us, we will protect ourselves.

I see that some people are planning for protests this week, it’s a good idea but on the other hand, we have to stay safe, these people would do anything to keep us quiet.

I pray this time they finally put a stop to it and stop releasing statements.

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