Chuks was so angry, what just happened.

‘Akin what happened, I introduced you to my girl and the next thing is I’m the one feeling like the third wheel, are you going to be my competition’

‘Sorry for that. It was just the excitement of seeing Toks again after all this while. You don’t have to worry about me, I’m not going to be a competition. But I have to warn you, this girl is like a sister to me. So if you’re going to play with her, please stay away’

‘Don’t get all brotherly on me, we both know you only have two sisters, she’s is not your sister’

‘I’m serious here Chuks, if you mess with her you’ll have me to contend with’

‘Okay I’ve heard, I won’t do anything, so you don’t like her at all, I mean you don’t find her attractive’

Well thinking about it now, she looked so beautiful today. Gone was the small Toks of those days, with the pigtails and all that. She is now all grown up, with curves in the right places. He actually found her attractive, but no, he can’t have anything to do with her, can he? 

‘Attractive not at all, she’s pretty but you know she’s not my type of girl. And Chuks don’t you have work waiting for you in your office’

‘Just say Chuks leave my office, I’m going but you know that Toke didn’t actually give me her number, you got it’

‘Forget that idea, you want her number, you find a way to get it, now go to your office, I have so many things to do’

‘That’s how it is abi, you won’t help your home boy, don’t worry, I’ll get her number, you’ll see’

He knew Chuks well, he knew the way he changed ladies, no he was not going to do that to Toke, if he didn’t have any serious intention then he should stay away from her. He actually didn’t want any fight to happen between he and Chuks cause they had been friends since he started out in this company and he had been a good friend all these while, but he shouldn’t mess with Toke’


‘Babe I came in so late yesterday and today by the time I woke up, you had already gone out, so how was the place and with the amount of cupcakes I saw yesterday, I guess you got the Job’

‘Where did you go yesterday again, do you know the time I slept’

Well coming home late was not really a new thing when it came to Ini, she always stayed out late, or probably spend the night with her boyfriend.

‘There was this party yesterday, I actually didn’t want to go but Aisha called to inform me that fireboy was going to show, omo if you see the way I quickly changed and left for the party, and Fireboy actually showed but he stayed for like 15 minutes’

‘It’s only God that can help you and Aisha, and tell that one when next you see that she should well done ohh, since she moved to the Island we’ve not been seeing her headlight at all’

‘It’s you that don’t want to see her, if we tell you to follow us to party, you’ll say you have a job’

‘But you know that that’s where I make my money, you, you get money from all these parties, you promote it for them and they pay you, you’re also a mini celebrity, Aisha we know her lifestyle’

‘Follow us to one party one day, just one that’s all’

‘Mo ti gbo, I’ll go’

‘You that I know abeg tell me what happened yesterday’

‘Well the gist is plenty ohh, where do I start from’

‘From the beginning please’


‘How come I haven’t even heard anything about this Akinkunmi before’ 

‘What part of this gist did you miss, I just told you that I hadn’t seen the guy for years, so when would I have talked about him’

‘That’s true, but is he fine, he and the Chuks guy’

‘Yes, they both are actually handsome, well Akin has always been so handsome, I had a childish crush on him when I was little, and even Chuks is not bad, come to think of it, he’s actually very handsome’

‘Oshe mama the mama, so who do you like’

‘Like as in, I just met them yesterday, I may have known Akin for some time but I still just saw him again and he’s also like the older brother I never had’

‘That’s how it starts ohh, he’s like my older brother, she’s like my school daughter’

‘Whatever, but on a serious note if I am going to like someone it’s going to be Chuks, he looks like a good guy’

‘He looks like a good guy hmmm, Toks has a new crush, is it Chuks or Akin we don’t know’

‘Are you normal at all, I don’t have any new crush, why am I even here sef, I have so many things to do’

‘Shior, abi you want to go and be thinking about your new suitors, we’ll soon have suitors too’

‘Ini, we all know you have a boyfriend, its true sef where is Stephen abi he has gone AWOL again’

It was normal for Stephen, to go and come anytime. Everyone knew he was just with Ini for the money, but as they say, love is blind, Ini couldn’t see it, she was blind to it all.

‘Well Stephen is out of town, he went for a job interview’

Interview indeed or he went to see another babe, may God open her eyes soon, the guy was no good.


Should he call her or he should not, he finally got her number from Akin’s phone. He had to steal it, he actually didn’t know why he felt like this after meeting her, she had been on his mind. Wow he Chuks can’t stop thinking about a girl, maybe he finally found the right one. There’s no harm in asking her out, nothing wrong with it, the worst thing that could happen is for her to refuse.

Chuks call her, why are you so scared, it’s just a call 



‘This is Chuks, remember me’

‘Of course’

‘That’s a relief, I thought you already forgot about me’

‘Oh I don’t think I can forget about the guy who called me angry bird’

‘Sorry about that’

‘I actually found it funny, no one had ever used that to describe me’

‘You’re more than beautiful than an angry bird, wait that came out wrong, I can’t compare your beauty with a bird’

‘Flattery will get you nowhere’

‘What will get me somewhere, tell me’

‘Where are you trying to go, what do you want’

‘I like a lady that goes straight to the point, and I’m not going to waste your time, I just want a date with you’

‘Just a date, that’s all, are you sure’

‘That’s all for now, nothing more, just one harmless date, will you be free this evening’

‘So fast, well I’m not free this evening’

‘What about tomorrow’

‘I’m still busy’

‘What of saturday that’s like a free day’

‘Well sorry to disappoint you in my line of business, saturdays are my busy days’

‘Why do i feel like you don’t want to go out with me’

‘What about Sunday’

‘I’ll go to church on sunday’

‘You won’t spend the whole day in church, I’m just asking for two hours of your time that’s all’

‘If it’s just two hours then okay, Sunday is fine I’ll be free by 3pm’

‘Thank you so much, can you send me your house address so I’ll come get you’

‘No need, just tell me where to meet you’

‘Nope I would not want a damsel like you to be taking public transport, just tell me where to come get you’

‘Okay I’ll text you the address, I have to go now so till Sunday’

‘We’ll talk before then, have a lovely day’


‘Why is this one smiling like this, I have been standing here for more than 5 minutes’

‘Akin my guy, you won’t believe what just happened’

‘You won the lottery’

‘Lottery for where, I got a date with your sister’

‘Sister bawo, when did you start talking to Shayo’

‘Not her, Toke’

‘You know she’s not your sister and how did you get her number, and like she agreed to go out with you’

‘So she’s not your sister now, what about your she’s like a sister to me’

‘That’s still true, but you haven’t answered my questions yet’

‘What questions, what is between the two of us is none of your business big brother, why exactly are you here sef’

‘I just came to drop these here’ he dropped the files angrily

‘Don’t worry, I’ll tell you before I propose to her’

That got him really mad, how he got to Toke so fast, but wait a minute why was he so mad, it’s just a date, they’re not an item yet. And if they are, it’s really none of his business, he is not interested in her. Maybe he should call Banke up, they could just hang out. He Needed to blow some steam off.

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