“Keep quiet” sign

One of the major problems we have in this part of the world is people not knowing when to keep their mouth shut. 

Like really, it’s not every topic you should have a say in it. We get you’re miss or Mr all-rounder, and you’ve been in all the situations before. Everything has happened to you before, you’re so perfect. But please learn to know when to keep shut.

You see twitter, people like that are just so much there. Personally I just observe things from afar, because I tell you the twitter street is so bloody. Everyone has a say in everything. Everyone is an influencer there and they are waiting for you to make a mistake.

What people don’t get is that we all are wired differently. You might say something to me and I’ll brush it off, you might say it to someone else and it might hurt the person. We have to know that it’s not nice to say hurtful words.

Few days ago, I was on twitter, just checking what’s going on and I stumbled on a picture. I actually liked the picture cause I love it when people are proud of their body shape. So I saw several comments and I clicked to check. My God people are mean, you need to see the vile comments. People were body shaming this lady, calling her all sorts of names, making fun of her. I felt so bad, like why would you just do something like that.

If you don’t have anything good to say, you can as well not say a thing. This lady deleted this post. And I just thought to myself the people that are talking, it’s not that they are perfect oh.

Some people will say, if you don’t want people to comment, then don’t post. Well, I’m saying if you don’t have anything constructive to say, then just pass by, you won’t die by doing that.

Now I’ve got to apologize for not posting for a long while. I’m still trying to balance everything, learn the best way to manage my time, I promise it’ll get better. Thank you for staying with me.

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