“Wow this place is big” she thought to herself as she stared in amusement. This is like a big business. She actually never pictured it as a really big place. Dayo didn’t describe this place well. “Hope these people will accept me like this”. People like this always wanted big names, well no one would kill her for trying. 

‘Good morning, I’m here to see the manager in charge’ 

The way the receptionist gazed at Toke made her question if there was something wrong with her face….

‘He’s not around’

‘Well he was the one that asked me to come here with samples this morning’

‘He just left, but he should be back soon, you can wait here if you want to’

‘Okay thanks, I’ll wait for him’

Even though Toke looked calm physically, she was pissed in her thoughts 

….What nonsense!! Is this what she gets for leaving the house so early? After going through the stress of baking throughout yesterday, she even had to leave church early the previous day. She now got here and they are telling her that the manager is not around…. Africans and time 


2 hours later and no show, where is this manager. She has tried calling him severally and he is not picking her calls. He should have just told her that she should be here in the afternoon, this is already past 12. If she had other things to do or other deliveries to attend to, is this how all her plans will be messed up.


Another 2 hours and Toke was already fuming, she had been sitting here for the past 4 hours; he finally picked her call and told her he was on his way, this was like an hour ago…. these people are really testing her patience, “if no one shows up in the next ten minutes she would get the hell out of here, other jobs will come” Toke concluded as she continued with her embattled thoughts .


They liked her samples; after keeping her waiting for over 4 hours, the manager finally showed up and as expected, he didn’t even bother to apologize. To cap it all he was even behaving like he owned the place. Whereas he’s just a manager oh, nothing more. If not that she really needed this job for expansion, she would have said NO straight up. After wasting her time, he now even asked if she can start the next day. Like how exactly did he expect her to get home, buy supplies for all this and get everything here, and before 8am. Heaven knows she was really doing this because she was in dire need of money and this was big. She would finally be able to afford a big mixer and maybe a store for herself.


Chuks and Akin had earlier arrived at the restaurant Chuks suggested. And after having a fill from the food, Akin concluded it was one of the best he has tasted so far….

‘The food here is actually very good, and the environment is so serene, Chuks are you listening to me?’

What is he looking at, he looked in the direction Chuks was facing. Lo and behold there was a babe there, Chuks and girls sha, he has found another one, but wait a minute she looked familiar.


“Oh God not today”, she just wanted to get a cab so she could head home already. Both to rest and start baking for tomorrow, she didn’t need any disturbance from anyone.

‘Hi my name is Chuks, I saw you from where I was sitting over there. And I thought to myself it’ll be a sin to see such beauty and just pass by’

What’s this one saying, can’t he see that I’m in no mood for all this, he should just go already, she really didn’t want to insult anyone….


‘May I have the honor of knowing your name’

Where is this guy from, who asks for a name like this, nobody talks like this

‘Well no’

‘If you won’t tell me your name at least you’ll give me your number, maybe from there I’ll be able to get your name’


Akin couldn’t help but notice the back and forth that was going on with Chuks and the seemingly familiar lady……

It looked like Chuks charm was not working this time, he never stays this long before he got a number, finally someone who can resist his charm. He should just be fast ’cause he had lots of work to do, how will he even get his attention like this, He could not walk over there to call him, maybe he should call him on the phone.


‘Well no to that too’

This girl is stubborn oh, even with his line, did she have any idea how many people the line had worked on, but he was not giving up yet, he loved challenges. Why is Akin calling, when he can clearly see that Chuks is busy.

‘Wow you broke my heart the second time today, you really don’t like me, don’t worry I won’t disturb you with calls’

‘Mister, I really am in no mood for any of this’

‘If you won’t give me a name I’ll call you angry bird, just give me your number and I promise I’ll leave. Moreover, if you look over there you’ll see my friend, he is waiting for me, we just came for lunch and if you don’t mind we can drop you off’

This guy was actually not ready to leave, and a free ride wasn’t sounding so bad either. No cab had passed since and the dude looked harmless, “Toke you really need to get home fast, go with him, no one wants to kidnap you”.

‘Okay I’ll give you my name and allow you to drop me off, and that’s only because there are no cabs around’

‘That’s enough, I’m sure before we get to your destination, I would have convinced you to give me your number’

‘I’m Adetoke’


Why were they coming toward his direction, hope Chuks did not just promise to take the lady to her place, does he even know where she stays, what type of wahala is this, and why does this babe look so familiar


‘Well, Adetoke this is my friend Akin, Akin this is my new friend Adetoke’

Small world

‘Little Toks, long time no see’

‘Akinkunmi Adekoya, I am not so little again’ 

What is happening why are they hugging, girl that I worked for, this one is hugging her, what nonsense

‘Guys I’m lost here, you know each other? What am I saying, of course, you know each other’

‘Well Chuks, this girl here is like a sister to me, we grew up together. We were practically neighbors while growing up till they packed away from our area. It’s been like 8 years or more, you left and nobody knew what happened. My mum would be so happy if I tell her who I just ran into’

So this was not going the way Chuks planned, Akin is really taking all the attention, this was his babe

‘So Toke, where is your place, so we’ll drop you off, I’m sure Akin wouldn’t mind’

‘Oh I wouldn’t mind, I actually need to know Toke’s place, ’cause I wouldn’t want her to disappear again’

This was so wrong, totally wrong so he already had competition….Chuks thought to himself with a grumpy look on his face….immediately they dropped her off he will tell Akin to hands off, he saw her first.

‘Well I’m not going home yet, I want to get some supplies first, but Akin give me your number, we’ll talk on the phone and I really need to get back in touch with Fola. How is she by the way’

‘Well Fola is married now, she has a daughter already’

‘It’s a lie!! Wow now I’m feeling old’

‘Are you not old’

‘If I am old, what are you, a grandpa, you can drop me here, I’ll get some things and then head home, thanks a lot’

‘Are you sure this place is okay, I can wait till you’re done and then drop you off’

Coming from Akin, someone that never takes a day off is actually willing to take time off to drop a girl, the stakes were pretty high then and he actually never loses any girl, if he wants her then he gets her.

‘It’s okay, my place is way far, don’t worry, we’ll talk on the phone’

‘Okay if you say so, this is my card call me; I don’t even trust you, take my phone, type in your number, I’ll be the one to message you’

Wow after how many years she ran into him, in this lagos, she had to tell her mom, she’ll be so happy, she’ll finally be in touch with her old friend Mrs Adekoya.