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‘Is that what you’re planning to wear’

‘Yes, is this not good enough’

‘This girl, you always surprise me, you’re wearing ordinary jean and top, you even used a face cap again, can’t you wear a wig or something’

‘What’s wrong with jean and top, plus I don’t feel like using wig today’

‘When do you ever feel like using wig, abegi go and change, where exactly is he taking you to’

‘I have no idea, I tried asking him over the phone and he just said I should dress comfortable’

‘Ahh he does not know you sha’

‘What are you trying to say, is this not okay? Because this is comfortable for me’

‘It’s good, go and change your top joor, wear that one Dayo gave you for your birthday’

‘I don’t know where I put it ohh, I’ll have look for it’

‘Go and look for it because you’re not wearing this’

‘Your wahala is much sef Ini, are you the one going for the date’

‘Instead of you to be thanking me for helping you out, you’re complaining, aunty abeg go and change into that top. Also, please use powder and lip gloss’


Why did he feel so nervous, this was not his first time going on a date, he had gone on so many dates. Why did this feel so different, is she really that special, had he found his last bus stop.

Was he too early, yeah he probably was it was just 2:30, should he knock now or just chill till 3. Chuks calm down now, maybe he should knock.


‘Who is there? Toks it’s like your date is here ohh, I’ll get the door’

“`Wawu see fine guy, this one is really handsome, is this the Chuks? This guy is actually very handsome and he looks loaded, see his watch“`

‘Good afternoon, I’m Chuks, I’m here for Toke’

‘Ohh yeah, I’m Ini, Toks roommate and best friend, you can come in, she’s just getting ready’

‘Thank you’


“`Toke you’re okay this top is nice, you look alright, he’s already waiting for you, you don’t need a wig it’s just a friendly hangout not a real date““


This was actually one of the best dates he had been on, the best actually, never had he connected with anybody this way before, she completed all his sentences, they had a lot of things in common. He was just worried for no reason.



‘Where did you wander off to’

‘I was just thinking about something, no worries, what were you saying’

‘I was just asking how you got to know this place, it’s so beautiful’

‘A friend actually organized a party here, and I fell in love with the scenery’

‘It’s lovely, I really have to thank you, I needed this and to think you actually cooked, I am surprised’

‘Well I wanted to do something different other than the normal restaurant date, I wanted a picnic’

‘This is different’

‘So Mr Chuks, I have been talking about myself for a long while, now it’s time for you to tell me about yourself’

‘Well you know my name, I’m from a small family of three, I’m the only child, I think that’s why I’m so close to Akin, he’s the brother I’ve always wanted, I work at an advertising firm, I’m single, I’m a big fan of Haruna Ishola’s music, I like any Apala music basically’

‘You must’ve been spoilt rotten by your parents sha, and are you sure you’re Igbo like this, Igbo boy that likes Apala music’

‘Contrary to popular belief my parents were actually very strict while growing up and to answer your question, I’m proudly Igbo, I just grew up in Lagos’

‘I still don’t believe you know apala songs, oya name a song by Haruna Ishola’

‘Easy “Kise Tenu” ’

‘Are you sure you’re not in your fifties’

‘Really? Don’t worry, I’m not a sugar daddy, I just love his music, you know his son too Musiliu Haruna Ishola I like his songs too, it’s just a refined version of his father’s works’

‘I know him, I actually love his music, I don’t know much about the father tho’

‘You see, you also have a good taste in music, we are alike’

‘Let’s go over there, it’s looks nice from here’


‘We should do this again sometime, I really had fun’

‘I enjoyed myself too, sure I wouldn’t mind a second date, but I have to add we are just friends’

‘It’s alright, I know you just want us to be friends, the best relationships start from being friends first’

‘Very funny, I have to go inside, we’ll talk on phone, bye’

He didn’t know why he felt this way, but he had a feeling this was the start of something great


Something was smelling nice, she was not actually hungry not after the wonderful meal Chuks made for her, but this scent was so nice. Ini would never prepare something so nice, maybe Aisha came to visit

‘Who is cooking’

‘Cinderella is back’

‘Ini for you to be here, then it’s not you, is Aisha around’

‘No, it’s Dayo, He’s the one that wants to murder us ohh’

‘Dayo is back from Abuja, when did he get back and didn’t call me’

‘Well he said he wanted to surprise you, but unfortunately you went on a date, that guy is slow, I told him he already lost his chance, he should have asked you out a long time ago, now it’s too late, Cinderella already found her prince charming’

‘What’s this one saying, why would Dayo ask me out, aunty hope you’re not high on something’

‘It’s you that is high, or in state of denial’

‘Eshe psychology graduate, abegi I don’t have your time now, let me go and deal with that boy, he could not even give me a call’


‘I know you’re behind me’

‘How exactly do you always know when I’m close by’

‘Adetoke we’ve been friends for years now, From uni days till now, I know most things about you, I would have said all but apparently there’s some Chuks in the picture’

‘It’s not my fault you don’t know about it’

She tried taking a meat from the plate but he stopped her

‘Wash your hands first, whose fault then’

‘Your fault, why are you cooking what are we celebrating’

‘Well someone forgot to inform me that she got the deal, I found out from miss know it all’

‘It’s your sister that is miss know it all’ Ini shouted from the sitting room

‘How come she can hear us’

‘Dayo, you know Ini, she always has her ear against the wall’

‘It’s like the two of you are not alright, it’s me that you’re calling amebo, it’s food you’re supposed to be cooking not gisting oh’ Ini shouted again

‘Leave her, don’t reply, you were telling me about the Chuks guy’

‘I’m not telling you about anything’

‘That’s how you want to play it, then no food for you’

‘In my own house, you are so funny, go to your house and cook’

‘No problem’

He dropped the spoon and was about to leave the kitchen

‘Ah ahh be calming down, I’ll tell you about everything, give me one meat first’

‘Begi begi, sha take one and spill’


‘So in just a week and a half, you met two guys, and went out on a date with one of them’

‘Yes but I didn’t just meet Akin tho, Chuks is the new guy’

‘Who do you like’

‘What’s wrong with you, that is the same question Ini asked me, you just said in a week and half, how do you expect me to like someone so fast’

‘Toks you know who you’re talking to, it’s me Dayo and I know you, do I have to remind you about all the crush you had back then in Uni, how fast you had a crush on them all’

‘That is then, this is now, I’m older and wiser now’

‘I hear, please go and call miss know it all, food is ready’

‘No need to call me, I’m here already’

‘You like food ehn and you’re not fat, you don’t know what the lord is doing for you’


He couldn’t stop thinking about his date with Toke, he knew he was going to enjoy himself, but what he didn’t know was why he was feeling this way, is this what they call Love, Isn’t it too early for this, when did he meet her. One thing was certain he was not leaving her, he was going to explore whatever was blossoming between them.

So should I post the next chapter now or chill