YEH !!!! I’m back and I’m really so happy, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to view my blog and read my posts also to the people who left a comment, thanks a lot, you guys are the best😙.

So I was thinking yesterday on what next to post, and a lot of ideas were running through my mind, who knew I was this brilliant😉 , two things came to my mind.

1. should I start with a gist on my next post


2. If it should be a story

Okay okay, let’s make it three since i feel we can do both (the gist and the story).

But I really can’t decide on my own so I need your help, let’s decide together, tell me whichever one you prefer and look forward to seeing by placing a comment below this post. Remember I can’t make a decision if you don’t help me

p.s my next post would be on Friday. So expect something so nice😉.