Blogging is not easy ohh, I just started and see me thinking about topic ideas

Let me start by saying thank you for the reads and comments, you guys are the best😙.

So I am about to gist you all about an experience I’ll never forget in my life, so on this fateful day, I was sitting in my hostel ohh, nobody sent me work, I had so many movies to watch I hadn’t even had my bathe yet, which is normal anytime I don’t have classes I spend the whole day in pajamas, as I was saying it was a Thursday, I had just finished eating my coaster biscuit and butter with Fanta and was watching Game of Thrones, that’s how my friend came to my room and said she wanted us to go out together, shebi I was supposed to say no oh that I’m not going out, but the spirit that entered me to say yes I really have no idea. That’s how I stood up, had my bath, I even picked a fine clothe cause she said it was a birthday party. I used makeup, drew brows, and all that, it was time to go my friend said we should wait first. I was like we should leave now because of park wahala, if you are a student of Unilorin you’ll know how the park is normally😢.

Behold o 4 pm came and passed, we didn’t go, the vibe was already going sef, 5 pm came we did not go, I was ready to remove my clothes and go and sleep. I hate it when I dress up and I’m waiting. 6 pm came finally it was time to leave, on getting to the park, the line was long, they were pushing each other, people were flying into the car, I was like we have entered this one, boya we should go back, nobody is kuku chasing us from our hostel, but no ohh my friend sha insisted that we’ll go, so she called her cabman we waited, shebi my head is supposed to tell me that God did not want me to go for this birthday, a birthday that I did not know the celebrant😏, stupid me still went.

We left the park around 6:30, my people if you leave around 6:30 what time do you want to get back, this day I was telling myself by 8, I’ll leave, I’ll just spend an hour and 30 minutes. Let me shock you, have you ever gone for a party and you’re like the first to get there, when we got to the party they had not started it was like we were the ones to open the floor. I was already angry and was really to leave but my friend said she didn’t want to be the only one there, that’s how we stayed they started the birthday around 8:30, I sat down was looking, they started serving drinks, there was no Fanta, it was Chapman the one with alcohol, me that I don’t take it, nothing for me to drink, time for games came they said it was devils basket, I was like okay, shebi they would just be asking questions, no oh, it was another thing, it was at that point I knew that yes it’s time to go but I still was forming strong head, they started passing wallet, whoever the wallet is with when the music stops will pick from the basket. I moved my chair to the back, I cannot play any yeye game.

People were having fun, enjoying themselves, the music was so loud, I could not hear what my friend was saying, some people were smoking, all that was going on, I decided there and then that enough was enough, this was not my place, I told my friend that let’s go, she said it’s too early around 10 pm, I finally knew I was on my own 😧 , I told her if you’re not going, me I’m going, my people, I stood up and left, was praying all the way to the junction, got a bus entered school thanked God that they did not kidnap me, I told myself no more follow follow, no more late-night but if I just listened that’s another gist for another day.

I have to go now, please don’t forget to leave a comment, tell us about your follow follow experience too.