My last post was somehow about body shaming, but majorly about keeping quiet. Little did I know that another episode of body shaming was going to happen.

Did you ever stop and think about how often we are told to change our appearance. Its really everywhere now. From social media to our Tv screens. You see tips on how to lose weight in days. How to get the perfect butt size, we really are not satisfied with our body.

A lady on twitter posted a picture celebrating being cancer-free. And people decided to tell her how unfit she looked. And really we all must caution ourselves these days.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, body shaming means ‘criticism of someone based on the shape, size or appearance of their body’. This definition alone tells us that it is a very bad thing.

On a personal note, while I was much younger. I’m still young but while in secondary school, I was a little on the chubby side, I was okay about it, little did I know that I was going to be bullied about it. People talked about me, I actually didn’t pay attention at first but later it got to me. I started checking myself, looking for extra fat. I started feeling inferior.

This resulted in me putting myself on a self-imposed hunger strike, skipping meals and all that.

I wanted to be thin, I got to realize that it was not about the food, some of us just have big bones.

I would say I’m over it now but habits die hard, I’m so used to skipping meals now.

The funny thing about all this is that we all are guilty of it. You might want to disagree but it is true, it manifests in many ways:

Comparison; when you start comparing yourself with other people, you start seeing faults in yourself, you’ll want to maybe gain weight, lose weight, get bigger butts

Talking about someone’s appearance their presence; this is very common, even among friends, you’ll hear ‘why are you so thin, you look sick, you’ll break that chair, soon you won’t be able to pass through there’.  it’s actually done most times in a harmless manner. But you really don’t know how it feels to the person 

Talking about people without their knowledge; when you start saying, did you see what she wore today, it looks so bad on her, it made her look so big.

If you want to be true to yourselves you’ll realize that you’re guilty of one if not all of this.

I’ve got to ask this question, how do you feel when someone bullies you, I’m sure you’ll say bad, then why do you body shame others. Body shaming is also a form of bully, you’re criticizing someone else, you’re criticizing yourself.

Body shaming has consequences, some people are so affected by all this. They will end up starving themselves leading to Anorexia (an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat), some people Ulcer.

Little things matter, learn to stop using people’s imperfections against them.

Then we all need to work on ourselves, the fact remains people will always find fault in us, people will keep talking, they’ll want their words to affect us, hurt us. We just have to learn to not care about this, not let it affect us. Build our self-esteem. 

Look in the mirror and tell yourself I’m beautiful what others say don’t matter.

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