You just have to drink this and that’s all, no more worries, no more pain, you’ll just slip away peacefully. You’ll leave this world. Should I use the knife or just drink this sniper. What is the fastest way to end this turmoil? Lola what about your parents, your siblings. They’ll mourn for a while and move on. They have to, cause I’m tired of all this, I can’t sleep, I can’t even close my eyes.

Every time I try all I see is his face, his hands on my body. I hear his voice every time. He’s always saying ‘No one will believe you, you caused this, your dressing called for this’. Is it my fault really, it’s not right. I was violated, I feel so dirty and empty. I want to talk but he said no one will believe me, maybe they’ll blame me, they’ll say ‘ why did you go to the night party’.

My notes have become my best friend, Lola it’s better this way, just drink it and you won’t feel a thing again.

Was someone watching her, who was knocking. Don’t check, just drink this, check Lola then after that you’ll end this.

‘Who is there’

She looked everywhere but no one was outside.

‘Who threw something’

Was her mind playing tricks with her, she was about to turn when saw a pregnant girl and a young boy.

‘Aunty sorry, it’s my younger brother, he was just playing he didn’t mean to throw the stone at your door’

Lola just turn back and go inside, don’t ask any questions, but this girl was too young to be pregnant.

‘Why isn’t your brother in school’

The girl laughed

‘Aunty school, with which money’

‘Where are your parents then’

‘They don die tey tey. My brother no fit remember their face sef’

‘Then what about your relatives’

‘Aunty, na one of them rape me and give me belle. I just say make I rest small. My back don they pain me from all the hawking since. No vex say we disturb you ma’

‘What’s your name’

‘It’s Ada aunty, but you fine aunty, when you opened the door and came out you resemble angel’

The girl was just smiling, she looked happy even with her story.

‘Thank you, Ada, do you stay near here’

‘Stay ke, no ohh, na where night meet us we go sleep’

‘Isn’t that dangerous, you’re pregnant’

‘We no get choice aunty, we have to live, I no say one-day things go better for us’

‘If I may ask, why so much positivity’

‘Ahh aunty, I don think tire why my life be like this, but wetin man go do, plenty people dey wey their condition worst past my own, so I just tell myself say good things go soon come. Aunty please you fit give us water’

‘Okay I’m coming’

She rushed inside to get them water, she saw some leftover food and dished it for them. On getting outside she found Ada writhing in pain, it seemed like her baby was on its way

‘Hold on Ada let me get my key, I’ll take you to the hospital’


‘What you like to name your baby ‘

‘Aunty you’re still here the doctor talk say you paid the hospital bill, thank you ma, I don talk say na angel you be, na God send you, Aunty I never even ask your name’

‘It’s Lola’

‘My babies name is Lola, I want her to grow to be as beautiful and as caring as you, aunty why you dey cry’

Lola didn’t know when she slipped to the floor and started crying. She couldn’t control herself anymore. Ada had no one but her little brother and now a little girl she had to take care of, she was a child herself. But she still had that glow with her. Lola you have your parents, siblings, friends that love you, people that care for you you just have to let them in and talk. They won’t blame you for what happened, you’re the victim here. Just speak out

‘Ada thank you’

‘’Aunty na me suppose thank you’

She didn’t understand, she didn’t know that she saved her life, didn’t know that she and her little brother were the actual angels.

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