Our Nation is now a sad place to be. The past few days have been really sad, so many bloodsheds. The death toll increase every daily, some people leave the house and never get back. Families are mourning now, mothers can’t stop crying. All these happened because we all stood up to fight for our rights. Nigeria decided to kill it’s people.

We find ourselves in a country that supports the killing of its own citizens. A country that gives the order to slay it’s own people. We have a leader who isn’t ready to address us, he has decided to keep mute. 20-10-20 lives were lost, so many people injured but our country is denying giving that order.

Even the Lagos state governor said there were no fatalities on national TV. We watched the live video of what was going on at the Lekki toll gate, I know I watched it. I saw the bodies, saw people injured, watched while they were trying to remove the bullet from a guy’s leg. I heard when they were saying the military was seizing the bodies. But now they’re telling us that it’s all false.

No one gave the order, we are seeing all sort of statements by our leaders, condolence messages. The only evidence we have now is our videos. I never thought our leaders could sink this low.

But in all we have to keep living, keep on pushing to be heard, we need to take care of ourselves. We need to take care of our mental health. If going off the internet is what will work for you, please do it. Take time off, do what will make you smile, talk to someone. Reach out to people, check on someone.

We’ll all be fine.