Hey, guys, I’m back and no more bad vibes, lets play, so the next few weeks I’ll be asking you five questions and I’d love If you leave answers for me. Thanks in advance

So this week I think you already know the question it’s this post topic, but rephrased tho. So if you were stuck on an island what are the five things you would love to take with you.

Well, I thought about this well, what would actually make me happy if I’m all alone. What are the five things I literally can’t do without for a long while and viola I got my list.

These are my answers 

  1. My phone; so this is the first on my list, if I have a phone, I should be able to get help 
  2. Internet service; if I have a phone and no internet service, then the phone is useless, how do I call for help.
  3. Biscuit (Nasco biscuit); I was about to say food, but what if there was no way of preparing it, that’s a big problem. But at least I don’t need to cook my biscuit, it’s ready-made.
  4. Fanta; I know you’ll say what of water, but an Island is a piece of land surrounded by water. So guess what I already have water. Sense will not kill me.
  5. Power bank or source of electricity; last but not least, this is very important. I need to be able to charge my phone. It is very very important.

This five things will last me for about a week.

So I’m expecting an answer from you all, lets know your top five essential things you need. Just leave your answers in the comment section below.

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