One woman in black dress, standing downtown on the street.

So I woke up this morning, had my bath, and was looking for what to wear to work. Would I say I’m not a fashionista, I love looking nice but I can’t empty my pockets for clothes. Some days I just throw anything on, what exactly do I like so much, that’s another topic for another day.  So I noticed something in my wardrobe, I had so many black clothes in my wardrobe, from jeans to pant trousers, to dresses, to tops, to jumpsuits.

As a color is generally seen as a sign of grief, depression, sadness but really it’s actually a nice color and one that I believe every lady should have in her closet.

So these are the benefits of having black clothes in your closet

It saves time

We all have that moment when we are so confused and don’t know what to wear, you’re not sure if this top will go with this skirt, or jeans and maybe you’re already late. Black is a go-to color, it goes with anything. 

It makes accessorizing easy

You might say you look so boring in black, but it’s so easy to spice up. You can use bright colors to give it that good look, maybe a yellow bag, a pink bag. Or add some make a statement necklace. With it, you might never go wrong in accessorizing.

Black makes you slimmer

So many people are really not so comfortable in their body, black is the color to go with if you’re feeling self-conscious or you even want to show off. Just put on that black dress.

You won’t get stains with Black

You don’t have to worry about stains , it hides all the stain, you don’t have to be looking back all the time asking if you got a stain. Nobody can see your stain when you’re wearing black.

It is never out of style and season

You don’t have to worry about what color is in season with. You never have to worry if you’ll fit in with black. People have been using it from way before and it is still in vogue now.

Thank you so much for reading this, what color do you have mostly in your wardrobe?

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