Monday mornings for Adetoke Babolola were always like every other day, for a hustling naija babe, every day is the same. Adetoke is a graduate of Biochemistry from a well known University in the country, the University of Ilorin. With a very strong 2:1. One would think getting a job by simply graduating with such an excellent grade will be easy but we all know our country, you have to know someone or better still be very lucky to get a job. So, like every other Nigerian youth she had her side hustle because we all know man must chop.

Well, enough of the morning musing, she thought to herself, time to get up; if she really wanted to make enough deliveries today she had to leave the house early because of the well-known Lagos traffic and getting to the island with the third midland bridge partially closed was another wahala on its own, one day Nigeria will be great. 


‘Toks, come and hear gist oh’

Ini with premium gists, the babe literally spends all her time on Instagram and Twitter. Well, she basically makes a living off the social media as an influencer, meaning she had to stay on top of  everything happening online.

‘I swear Ini, if it’s not something so important, I’ll change it for you this morning, I was about to go into the bathroom when you called’

‘Your wahala is too much, you’ll like the gist, remember that Tolu babe on Instagram that girl that anon is always buying her stuffs, from car to hair, he even bought her a phone last month’

‘I know her, I told you that we went to University together naw, we were actually in the same department, although we no dey talk because I no dey her class, she’s a confirm big girl, her parents are loaded, like confirm money, there was a rumor going around at a time that her na senator, but I don’t know if it’s true, what’s wrong with her I hope she’s not sick’

‘She’s not sick oh, that girl is a confirmed liar, she’s not rich at all, anon does not exist sef’

‘I don’t get, who told you and be fast with the gist, I have a delivery on the island for that new restaurant’

‘Which new restaurant, you didn’t tell me anything, I thought someone ordered some cupcakes’

‘The gist first Ini’

‘Is it not you that’s interrupting me, after I finish with this gist, you’ll tell me about the restaurant. So, that babe just moved into one big apartment in Lekki, she even did a live video as she was packing in and all that, I was even admiring the furniture, she said her dad got it for her, my friend it’s a lie the real owner of the house is not her father, na sugar daddy oh, as a matter of fact, the news going around is that the sugar daddy’s wife went to her place yesterday evening with thugs, and threw this girl out, they said there was loud shouting and the woman said this girl has been with her husband for a long time, that he paid her fees and got her everything she owned’

‘Wawu I pity her ohh, the embarrassment, what would she do now, but wait first, who told you this’

‘Sleep there something that is trending on Twitter, I don’t pity her at all, if we are telling them, they’ll not listen they want to live large, it ended in premium tears’

‘That’s her own wahala tho, let me go and bathe, no time to waste’

‘No oh, you haven’t told me about the restaurant’

‘That’ll be when I get back, I’m so late, abeg help me call that your cabman, that’s the only thing that can help me this morning and please, I need 10k I can’t go to the ATM this morning, I’ll withdraw on my way back’

‘You’ll pay me back with interest ’cause like this, I’m broke’

‘Ijebu child, hopefully, this order is the push I need for this my pastry business’

This particular order could really help Toke with her pastry business, her good friend Dayo who had earlier helped with the designing of the restaurant was also the one that recommended her, and the owner of the restaurant actually contacted her to ask if she could bring samples for tasting, if they decide to get from her, it’ll be really good. Because according to Dayo they were planning on opening other branches around Lagos and she could be their main pastry supplier, God let this workout, your girl has suffered enough.


Mondays for Akinkunmi Adekoya were always hectic, every day was a busy day for him, being the youngest partner at an advertising firm was not easy, he always had to prove that they didn’t make a mistake in making him a partner, he rarely took days off work, and you’d always see him working on something, his team knew him to be a very ruthless businessman, well he didn’t get to where he was easy, he had to start from the very beginning, from days of being just a contract staff to full staff, to an assistant all the way to a partner. He always remembered to thank God and of course, his mother’s prayers; that woman prays all the time. She was like his god on earth, both of his parents were so much important to him, and that’s why he keeps working hard, so they’ll be able to enjoy the fruit of their labor, he didn’t want them worrying about anything, he already took over the care of his siblings.

* * ***  ** *** **

‘Akin, let’s go and grab lunch, I’m so hungry’

‘You’re always hungry Chuks, if it’s not food, then it’s women’

‘Well, you only live once my guy, and I have to enjoy my time here on earth, nobody knows when the time is up’

‘Is that what you tell yourself every day, just to justify your actions, you know this your lifestyle is really not good, you need to find a stable girl, jumping from one babe to the other is not good’

‘Pastor Akin, anyone who hears this will think you’re a saint since I’ve known you, you’ve not really had a stable babe, it’s a new girl every time, well except that Banke girl, seems she does not plan on leaving you at all, she wants to marry you, that’s her goal’

‘We are not the same oh, I don’t lead ladies on, I tell them from the onset that I’m not ready for any commitment and you know I’m just friends with Banke, nothing more’

‘Friends indeed, abegi this talk is enough, let’s go and eat, there’s this new restaurant around, they just opened yesterday and from online reviews, their food tastes so good, let’s try it out’

‘Chuks my guy, you better go and open a food blog, you go get plenty followers’

‘That’s a good idea ohh’

** ** ** ** ** ** **